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Hometown Days Expo Tent

types of vendors

you must follow Local Laws, Rules and Regulations

may 31st - june 3rd 2018

Vendors and concessionaires from the previous year are usually offered the opportunity to return.  New applicants are selected based on uniqueness of products/services, booth design (ability to set a professional and attractive display), experience, availability of space and appropriateness of product type for available space.  Completing an application does not guarantee space.  The application will be reviewed and status of the application acknowledged.

There's A Selection Process

What you need to know:

As a guest at the Swartz Creek Hometown Days Festival and the city, you must follow all local regulations, which are designed primarily to ensure public safety.  You are required to comply with all federal, state, and municipal laws and administrative rules, including but not limited to those relating to licenses and permits, property protected by copyright, work hours, work conditions, safety standards and payment of wages and taxes.

Swartz Creek Hometown Days

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Commercial Vendors

With nearly 6,400 square feet of rental space, the Expo Tent is the ideal place to; promote specialty items, home interior products, home improvements/services, packaged food products, showcase independent consultants, family services or the latest in consumer goods and services.​ Each year Swartz Creek Hometown Festival provides hundreds of ways to build your business.  Exhibiting your products or services is an excellent opportunity for thousands of visitors to stop by commercial vendors and food concessionaire’s trailers. 


​This one-day show draws 250+ car owners from across the state.   If you have automobile related products/services, this is the place to sell and display them.  Car show vending space is for one-day only. ​For more info contact Bill- bill@cooksdiesel.com


​Visitors smell the wonderful aroma and looking to excite their taste buds with the best concessionaire foods in the country.  There's room for you to offer palate-pleasing food and beverages at the festival. For more info contact Susan- SMesack@comcast.net 


​Visitors travel throughout the festival grounds to view exciting exhibits and are looking for the best goods/services in the country.  We have room for you in the great outdoors. For more info contact Susan- SMesack@comcast.net