Swartz Creek  Hometown Days

where everyone feels at home

JUNE 3RD- 6TH 2021

Swartz Creek  Hometown Days

  • Watch baby chicks hatch in front of your eyes 
  • See farm animals on display 
  • Children can play in the corn box filled with real corn 
  • Learn about the abundant foods produced here in our state 
  • Learn about plant growth 
  • See how much a dairy cow eats and drinks and what she produces 
  • Learn how food gets from the farm to your table 
  • Learn how wheat becomes bread 
  • Learn about Milk 
  • Touch and feel "real wool" 
  • Play agricultural games 
  • Test your knowledge about "Michigan Agriculture"

What Can We Do at The AG Tent?

Agriculture Tent


​​​Sponsored by                    ; Supporting local family farms with Michigan agriculture.               

The Hometown Agricultural Education tent first appeared at our festival a few years ago and is now a featured destination for many. Come and learn with hands on exhibits and live animals about the abundance of Michigan agriculture. 

Neil Kentner capably served as Director of the Hometown Days Agricultural Education Tent at the time of his passing. His leadership, energy, wit and vision was an inspiration to all who knew him. Neil was well respected as an exhibitor and judge in multiple species throughout Michigan and nationally. He will be forever missed.

The tent is now run by Angel & Gary Stroik; the owners and operators of Harmony Family Farm. Bringing some of their own animals to our festival, they educate patrons on livestock and agriculture.

Supports keeping our streets clean.                 

JUNE 3RD- 6TH 2021